We know what it's like. You're always on. Your day is made up of running from one thing to another, all day. It's challenging, but you love it.

To make it through, you need an energy bar that fits with your lifestyle. No big highs and lows. You're looking for the kind of energy that satisfies and revitalizes you, helps keep you alert, focused and feeling balanced and whole. Whether it's getting through the morning or the afternoon lull, you want energy to help you stay on your game so you can keep on doing.

That's why we created MARATHON® Bars. It's the delicious, satisfying energy snack that gives you what you need to help run your day your way.

So now you can go the distance and enjoy the ride.
Because life isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.

Here at MARATHON® Bar, we are...

...passionate about what we do and the products we make

...of the belief that success is about keeping on doing what you
love to do and getting the most out of every day

...active and engaged - we embrace the challenge and keep it fun

...into being healthy - we make nutritious foods that taste great

...all about sharing - we believe great-tasting good-for-you
options should be accessible to everyone, all the time